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What to use instead of gliders in HIIT & Flow workouts

HIIT & Flow workouts use gliders to increase the challenge level and build strength and resilience in your stabilizer muscles.

If you don't have gliders: Try using one of these common household objects to experience for yourself how using gliders introduces a whole new variety of challenge to your HIIT workout.

  1. Paper plates are the original glider replacement. Yep, those 4 paper plates you have hanging around after your last picnic or birthday party—those will do the trick. Just place them under your hands or feet on carpet, and start sliding.

  2. Socks on carpet work, too.

  3. Furniture movers can stand in for HIIT & Flow gliders. Those plastic discs you use to drag heavy furniture across the floor also work surprisingly well for sliding your (much less heavy) feet in plank tucks or mountain climbers. Shoutout to HIIT & Flow Instructor Roxane for this excellent idea. 🙌

  4. When in doubt, jump it out. You can always, always, step or jump the moves in a HIIT & Flow class instead of gliding. Just keep in mind that jumping, of course, makes the workout high impact instead of low-impact—so make the decision to jump judiciously. Only you know what it's like in your body!

  5. Try this class that is 100% equipment free. All you need is your body weight for a full dose of cardio, strength, and mobility.

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