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How to increase the challenge in your HIIT workouts

Small adjustments to HIIT workouts can make them even more effective and time-efficient, especially for athletes using HIIT workouts to cross train.

For example: In our HIIT & Flow workouts, we use fitness sliders, or gliders, under our hands and feet to dial up or down the challenge level.

Why this works: Using gliders under our hands or feet for moves like mountain climbers, reverse lunges, and pike tucks, helps to target your stabilizer muscles.

Why these mucles matter: If you haven't heard of stabilizer muscles, you're not alone. They don't have anywhere near the brand cache of glutes, biceps, or core, but they're just as important to develop, particularly if you're training and want to stay injury free. These muscles usually aren't directly involved in a movement, but work to keep you steady so that your primary muscles can do their job.

Side benefits: gliders are cheap, small, lightweight, and transportable. Just like HIIT workouts, they're very efficient and effective without introducing a ton of complications.

Get your own pair of gliders and take them everywhere with you. They are the perfect size for purses, carry-ons, glove boxes, etc.

The bottom line: Using gliders with a HIIT workout introduces a whole new level of balance and stability challenges. You'll feel stronger (and sore!) in muscles you didn't even know you had.

Ready to glide? Try a class at Flex & Flow—either in our Portland, OR studio, or online.

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