3 Reasons Relays are Great for Beginner Runners

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

So you’ve been thinking about getting into running lately after seeing your online friends posting about all of their races. Perhaps, you’re feeling ready to embark on your own running journey and considering adding a race (or two) to your calendar. If you’re new to the running world and want to sign up for a race that is both supportive and challenging, there’s no better way to get your feet wet than running a relay– the only race where you team up with your friends to run across the finish line and share in all the sweat, snacks, and stories between the miles…

From team comradery to #vanlife, fun competition to sweaty celebrations– running a relay will teach you how to prepare and train for a race and also to enjoy every moment, from start to nap, to cheer on your teammate, to start again and 200ish miles later...FINISH!  

Need a little more oomph to get your relay team together and registered? Check out these 3 reasons running...

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The 5 kinds of people you need in your community

community building Feb 18, 2020

Building an engaged community is a tried and true strategy for developing a loyal customer base and reliable word of mouth marketing. Typically, when brands develop a community, they focus on recruiting people who are highly engaged and/or have high influence. In order for a community to thrive, however, it’s important to think beyond the numbers, and focus on creating a healthy mix of people that will work together to support an active community that is also primed for growth. 

As we’ve worked with partners to develop and grow their communities, we’ve found that the same roles crop up consistently, across demographics and industries. The following five roles are those that we’ve found are critical to community growth, engagement, and stability. 

The Activator 

This is the person who sets the tone for the community and sets conversations in motion. The activator asks questions, shares updates, responds to other members. They’re the...

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5 creative ways to vet new Facebook group members

Spam facebook accounts are a pain for group moderators. If you get a lot of requests to join your group, it can be a challenge to tell who’s legit and who not. You run the risk of accepting someone who’s just a bot, or rejecting someone who might be a perfect fit for your community. 

When your group questions aren’t enough to gauge whether someone should be in your group, here are five more ways to check prospective members and make sure they’re a good fit. 

Keep in mind: none of these are perfect, especially when you rely on just one of them. Used holistically, though, looking at these five aspects of someone’s profile can help you get a better understanding of whether they’ll be a good fit for the community you're building. 

Do they have mutual friends? 

If they have several mutual friends with existing members of your group, that’s a green light. Especially if those mutual friends are positive, engaged group...

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How the #sweatpink movement came to be

community sweat pink Jan 09, 2020

To celebrate 10 years of the #sweatpink movement, Jamie is sharing the backstory of how sweat pink got started in the first place. Watch or read—and make sure to join the 100,000 people wearing pink laces around the world by getting your own pair here, for free!

I don’t remember most things that happen at 4 am–it’s either too late or too early for me to be fully awake–but I do remember a particularly early Saturday morning while sitting on a school bus with 30 other runners.

We were en route to the start line of an otherwise pretty forgettable 50 mile race. I had my head against the window and was desperately trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep before the race started when I heard a rather obnoxious man next to me talking about pink shoes.

And not just any pink shoes. My pink shoes. And he wasn’t just talking about the color or the style of my shoes, he was talking about me. He was mocking me and my pink shoes. More importantly,...

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How I created my community from scratch

vision2020 Jan 01, 2020

Jamie King is sharing her story of bringing a dream to life as part of our #My2020Vision project. If you have a story about a vision you created (or are creating right now!), please share it with us so we can all learn, grow, and celebrate one another. 

Our yoga studio, Flex & Flow, turns 4 this January, and this birthday is giving me all the feels. Building this studio community was a dream of mine that turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined. But let's back up—and let me share how all a big move and too many trips to Home Depot turned into something far more magical than the sum of its parts. 

Five years ago, I moved from San Francisco to Portland with my husband (Casey) and new puppy (Abbie). We packed up our small one bedroom apartment, enlisted some help from our parents, and drove a U-Haul and a car up to Portland with our new pup. We crashed with our very generous friends for a week, cleaned up a lot of puppy pee from their...

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How to get involved in brand campaigns

campaigns influencers Dec 01, 2019

We get a lot of questions about how community members get chosen for campaigns, and how to increase your chances of getting involved.

Chances are, if you didn’t get picked, there is no reason. We get way too many qualified applicants for each campaign, and, ultimately, not everyone can get picked. That said, here are a few ways to increase your chances!

Make sure your channels are fresh

Brands are looking for online engagement, so they’re looking to work with influencers who keep their online channels fresh, interesting, and engaging. If your las post was last month or less year, they are less inspired to work with you—even if have a huge following.

Make sure your profile information is up to date and complete

This sounds like a no-brainer, we know! But if certain information is missing, especially things like your social links or your home country, you may be automatically disqualified.

We usually get hundreds of applications for each campaign,...

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Creative ways to promote affiliate products

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog or social channels is via affiliate marketing—and just about every brand out there has some kind of affiliate program you can join.

The best way to promote an affiliate sale is, of course, to have tried, and loved the product yourself. You'll make the most sales if you genuinely love it, regularly use it, and incorporate it into your content organically, because you incorporate it into your life organically. 

That said, it's not always possible to have tried everything you might want to promote. And often, it's the best affiliate programs—the ones with the highest priced products, with payouts to match—that are appealing, but you might not be ready to splurge for a Woodway treadmill yet.

Or sometimes products address a certain need your audience has that you don't share. For example, if you're an adaptive athlete, you may want to share adaptive equipment that might work for adaptive athletes in your audience,...

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Disclosures don’t have to be a buzzkill

There’s something about FTC disclosures for influencers that are just so… womp womp. Even if you truly love a product and brand—maybe you’ve been writing about it for YEARS, for free, and finally snagged that sponsorship deal—the inclusion of a disclosure can automatically make your content feel less organic, less genuine.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be compliant and genuine at the same time—and it will just make your sponsored posts even more compelling, for your readers and your sponsor.

Here are our top three tips for making #sponcon feel as natural as possible.

1. Make it look like the rest of your content

The best sponsored content, what brands are looking for and are willing to pay for, is content that doesn’t appear sponsored. I’m not talking about the lack of disclosures, or even using sneaky (non-compliant!!) disclosures like #sp or #spon instead of #ad, but about the quality of the content...

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How to write sponsored content that your audience wants to read

Sponsored content is a fact of life these days; we all expect to see it on our favorite creators’ channels, and of course we create it ourselves.

As the industry gets more sophisticated about creating compelling, interesting, and valuable spon con—the kind that provides real value to readers, and accomplishes so much more than a simple display ad—we are seeing all sorts of creative takes on product placement that are win-win for the creator and the sponsor.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make sponsored content shine (and bring your brand partners back for more, more, more).

Make it indistinguishable from your regular content

Long gone are the days when you can throw up a stock photo, copy and paste some PR messaging, and offer a discount or a giveaway and call that a sponsored post. (Good riddance— that’s not a genre I miss at all).

Now, we see sponsored posts delivering real, tangible value, and becoming virtually indistinguishable...

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How to win at hashtags on Instagram Stories

How’s your hashtag game on IG stories? Do you find yourself waffling between cramming all allowed ten hashtags onto a post, and cutting all but one or two VIP hashtags to keep your post looking pretty?

The struggle is real. Even though IG Stories allow fewer hashtags than grid posts, and even though the content tends to be a little more homegrown—meaning a bunch of hashtags aren’t going to ruin your aesthetic—it’s hard to find a balance between discoverability and overcrowding.

We feel your pain.

We rounded up a few ways to lighten your hashtag load while also benefiting from the higher engagement you get from using more hashtags.

Use the sticker for the most important hashtag

It’s hard to pick just one, we know. But choose the *most* relevant hashtag for your post and use the sticker to display it. This is especially important if you’re trying to gain hashtag recognition, and encourage others to adopt it. The types of hashtags you...

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