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What is HIIT & Flow?

You may have heard the buzz about how athletes from ultra marathoners to rock climbers are using HIIT & Flow to power up their cross training—and you may have wondered what the heck this workout is, but weren't sure who to ask.

We're here to pull back the curtain and share how and why this workout was created, and why athletes of all kinds are turning to HIIT & Flow to build endurance, strength, and mobility.

What is HIIT & Flow?

HIIT & Flow combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) on gliding discs with movements from yoga in one short, sweet, and oh-so-effective package.

Why does HIIT & Flow use gliders?

Gliders are a low-impact, low-cost, and lightweight tool to help adjust the challenge level of HIIT & Flow movements. By adding gliders to HIIT movements, athletes from beginners to experts can dial up or down their personal challenge level.

Gliders also offer an additional stability challenge, helping activate small stabilizer muscles around your joints, helping to prevent injuries and prepare your body for high-impact activities like running.

How was HIIT & Flow developed?

Flex & Flow founder Jamie King created HIIT & Flow in the basement of her San Francisco startup back in 2013. At the time, Jamie was training for her first 100-mile race, launching a startup, and planning a wedding. She needed cross-training options that she could do anywhere, even with limited time and space. She started experimenting on gliders, teaching classes to her friends and broader networks, and developed what would become HIIT & Flow.

When she opened our flagship Flex & Flow studio in Portland, OR, she continued refining the method, and began training other instructors in the format.

What are the benefits of HIIT & Flow?

HIIT & Flow is a workout that trains you for any adventures or goals you have on your horizon. Some of our favorite benefits are:

It's a challenge for all fitness levels.

No matter what your experience—whether you're a beginner, coming back from an injury, or are an elite athlete, HIIT & Flow challenges and changes athletes of all levels. We can use the gliders, speed, and sequencing to dial up or down the challenge to meet your personal fitness goals.

HIIT & Flow builds strength, cardio, and flexibility in one class.

HIIT & Flow is a simple way to build in all three aspects of becoming a well-rounded athlete: strength building, endurance building, and mobility and recovery. With HIIT & Flow, athletes don't have to shop around for those various aspects of cross-training: they get it all in one workout.

HIIT & Flow requires no equipment.

We demonstrate most classes with gliders and a yoga mat, and we do recommend the gliders especially, but you can absolutely complete a HIIT & Flow class with zero equipment. Instead of gliders, we recommend socks, towels, or paper plates, and you can do without a mat (provided your body is okay with less cushioning).

HIIT & Flow is low-impact.

Runners especially appreciate HIIT & Flow for delivering big results with low-impact movements, allowing them to save their knees for their runs. Anyone looking to protect and strengthen their joints will benefit from this low-impact cross-training.

HIIT & Flow is effective cross-training in very little time.

Most HIIT & Flow classes incorporate all of that strength, cardio, and flexibility work in just 45 minutes. We even have classes as short as 15 minutes—and you don't need any more time than that to feel challenged.

High intensity interval training is proven to increase V02 max.

High intensity interval training is scientifically proven to increase your V02 max, which measures your rate of oxygen consumption while exercising, and is the most reliable method for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness. HIIT has been proven to be even more effective at increasing V02 max than going on long runs, so by adding high intensity interval training into your training, you're saving time and gaining more.

What can I expect in a HIIT & Flow class?

A HIIT & Flow class typically lasts 45 minutes, though there are some classes as short as 15 minutes, or as long as 60 minutes. HIIT & Flow instructors each bring their own unique creativity to class, but in general, a HIIT & Flow class follows this format:

  1. Warmup: dynamic, yoga-based movements

  2. HIIT Heat Up: a series of plank-based movements on gliders, to get your heart pumping and your muscles working

  3. HIIT Legs: a series of standing movements on gliders focused on building leg strength and stability

  4. HIIT Minute: an all-out, no-holds-barred sprint to the finish.

  5. Cooldown: a yoga-based cool down to bring ease and mobility to the muscles you just worked so hard

Of course, the absolute best way to know what to expect from HIIT & Flow class is to try one yourself.

Book your HIIT & Flow class to experience it for yourself.

And join our virtual, self-paced course to become a certified HIIT & Flow instructor from home.


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