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Jamie’s classes make you work for it, and make you want to work for it. She moves through challenging, strengthening flows right alongside you, with motivation (and core work) that just won’t quit. Her sequences are fresh and full of surprises, pushing you to explore new territory and rise to new levels of endurance. She’ll push you and cheer you, and she’ll always, always, encourage you to ground down and fly.

HIIT & Flow, Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Bootcamp, Core Flow, Rise & Shine


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Nicci’s classes are fire and fury with a wink and a smile. Words of encouragement balance out the burn in your bum, and delicious recovery stretching at the end lets you soak in all that effort and sweat—and start to forget what she just did to you. No matter what you’re working with, Nic’s going bring you into the fold and into the Flex & Flow family; she’ll just do it while you’re hanging out in chair pose, again.

HIIT & Flow, Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Chill, Rise & Shine, Core Flow

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In Alyse's classes, you always know that you're in good hands. Even when she's encouraging you to speed up your mountain climbers or sweat through a HIIT minute, you always feel cared for, welcomed, and nourished. You'll never wonder "should I even be in this class?" with Alyse, thanks to her uncanny ability to not only make everyone feel right at home, but equally inspired to take on a new challenge.

HIIT & Flow

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Ruby’s classes are like sunny days on a mountaintop. Or a lakeside. They’re sweet, grounding, energizing flows that reward you with a sense of ease and accomplishment. She’ll make you work and it will always be oh so worth it. You’ll feel content, alive, inspired—just like if you climbed up to the summit and paused to soak in the view. You’ll revel in the simple pleasures of the way your body can move, and the way it feels in motion and at rest.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, HIIT & Flow, Rise & Shine, Core Flow

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De is all about making movement matter, setting you up for success and challenging you to do more than you did before. Come to work hard and play hard as De works you from head to toe. Be inspired and motivated to challenge yourself with De.

HIIT & Flow

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Taking class with Scrutch is like getting a big bear hug. You feel supported, warmed up from the inside, and ready to go out and bring your energy into the world. His flows are creative and his presence is mindful, kind, and welcoming. He’s a high school teacher by day—so you know he delivers the goods when it comes to encouraging you to rise up, stretch yourself, and grow. Make sure to catch one of his 6:30am classes—he’s that rare kind of energy you want to start your day with. You heard it here first: movement with Scrutch capped off with a cup of coffee is your recipe for the best day ever.

Power Vinyasa, HIIT & Flow, Rise & Shine

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Tracy’s got that girl next door vibes, with down-to-earth, welcoming energy, and funny quips that make you giggle when you least expect it—like in the middle of a round of mountain climbers. Tracy can heat it up (don’t miss her HIIT & Flow classes) and cool it down for some seriously restorative Chill classes. Yes, it turns out, some people really can do it all.

HIIT & Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Chill, Rise & Shine

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Fire! Fire! Fire! Liz’s classes are always two parts spicy, one part juicy. She’ll have you moving your hips, and body around until you feel like a tub of jelly, and then she’ll challenge your core, your balance, and gently persuade you to get upside down. Liz will invite and inspire you to challenge yourself in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

HIIT & Flow, Power Vinyasa, Rise & Shine

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Stepping on the mat with Alexis is like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket after going out for a run in the rain. She moves you through nurturing and creative sequencing, that builds a steady, warm, and feel good burn in the body. Nobody makes us giggle in the studio quite as much as Alexis, and it’s one of the reasons that we always leave her classes feeling a little lighter than we did when we started.

Power Vinyasa

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Lex's classes will have you working hard while feeling motivated and empowered to crush your class! She'll encourage you to find your edge and redefine it.

HIIT & Flow

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We hear all the time from our students that if Robyn weren’t so kind, they’d have to yell at her. It’s true: hiding behind that sweet, welcoming presence is a work ethic that will have you doing more burpees than you ever thought possible. And no matter how many reps she asks of you, you’ll never be able to give her so much as a side eye, much less stop coming to her class. What can we say? It’s Robyn’s world; we’re just following orders.

HIIT & Flow, Bootcamp

Flex & Flow Instructor Rebekah O'Kelley




Are you ready to massage your body and spirit from the inside out? That's what'll happen in Rebekah's breath-based classes. Rooted in the teachings of the Sutras, Rebekah effortlessly weaves ancient wisdom into mindful movement. Yoga with Rebekah transcends physical shapes, whether you are flowing or chilling, she will guide you into a deep calm and empower your authenticity.

Slow Burn, Power Vinyasa, Flow & Chill, Chill

Flex & Flow Instructor Rebekah O'Kelley



With deep gratitude for the cultural and historical traditions of yoga, Amy’s classes foster tangible growth and inspire you to impact social change. Her focus rests on creating brave spaces for emotional and physical exploration for all humans—with their varied experiences, identities, body types, and belief systems. Using breath work, narrative, and energizing flows, Amy’s classes will invite you to kindle your fire and discover your balance from within.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Chill, Core Flow

Flex & Flow Instructor Rebekah O'Kelley



Angela’s classes are a creative concoction of spicy flows and sweet moments that will inspire you to smile. She will invite you to dig deep into your practice, groove to the music, and always gives you space to play. You will step off your mat with the energy you need to be the best version of yourself. If you are looking for some chill, her mellow classes will restore your spirit and gently soothe those sore muscles. Balance is Angela's mantra!

Strength & Mobility, Little Yogis, Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Chill

Flex & Flow Instructor Leah Sathrum



It’s not just Leah’s fire playlists that make her classes hum with energy - her focus on creating a welcoming, accepting environment is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. Expect extra opportunities to build power and tone your muscles (Add a chaturanga! Throw in some core work!) as she inspires you to dig deeper and discover strengths you didn’t even know you had.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill

Flex & Flow Instructor Olivia Maxwell



Did someone say BURPEES? Olivia's classes will have you jumping, playing, and fueling your inner-child with her creative sequencing and love for a good jump squat burpee. She will challenge your shoulders, core, and glutes and encourage you to push for a little extra fire (maybe add a push up) if you feel so inclined. She loves to use spicy moves to clear the whirring of the mind and will invite you to shut out the noise, possibly while holding a low boat, for just a little longer.

HIIT & Flow

Flex & Flow Instructor Rachel Alford



Rachel's HIIT & Flow classes are always a sweaty party! They are all about joy and feeling strong in your body. She'll get you moving, groovin', and working hard without even realizing it. Rachel will make sure that no matter what, you're having fun.

HIIT & Flow

Flex & Flow Instructor Bianca Whiteside




Bianca's warm and welcoming presence immediately makes everyone who walks into the studio feel at home. That sensation of "you belong here" carries on throughout her classes, offering ample opportunities to modify postures or take on a challenge as she invites you to explore your practice. Even in the middle of an extra spicy HIIT minute, you always know Bianca has your back.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Community Vinyasa, HIIT & Flow

Flex & Flow Instructor Jessica Russell



Jessica's classes are all about the power - and the chill. She'll guide you through flows with smooth transitions accompanied by great tunes (of course!), making you feel confident in your body and quiet in your mind.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill

Flex & Flow Instructor James Kallio


JAMES KALLIO                

James brings a sense of purpose and intention with every class that he leads. As a former competitive athlete he is sure to challenge you with dynamic flows that will make you sweat. While generally conventional with his style, he's not afraid to throw in a few experimental surprises to keep your practice interesting.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Rise & Shine

Flex & Flow Instructor Alli Gotts




Alli’s class is just what you need to find challenge, grace, and your core! You won’t have time to be in your head as you find yourself moving quickly through classes fueled by upbeat music and culminating in exciting (and sometimes unexpected) peak poses! Get ready to build strength, gain flexibility, and feel reenergized when you step off your mat and head out into the community. Oh, and at least a little sweaty.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow

Flex & Flow Instructor Chelsea Querner




We are poems. There’s evidence of this everywhere, including on our mats. Chelsea’s classes invite you to find the wonder in both movement and your body. In each breath, in each shape, she calls on your willingness to notice what it’s like to be alive today. She will challenge your endurance and ask you to find your edge anew. Using breathwork, words, and purposeful asana, Chelsea helps you discover your power in all its iterations. Unroll your mat and get ready to strengthen your connection to your body intelligence.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Flow & Chill, Slow Burn, Rise & Shine

Flex & Flow Instructor McKenna Koon




McKenna’s classes are flowing, fun, and functional. Through practical techniques, McKenna weaves metaphor, breathwork, and meditation together to create a joyful practice that moves the body and the mind.

Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Rise & Shine, Slow Burn

Flex & Flow Instructor Kushlani De Soyza




Jared and running are basically synonymous. His LOVE for running, and sharing that love of running with others runs deep. His workouts are thoughtfully designed to help you get out the door and run, and stay running longer. Get ready to feel good and build strength.

Run Club

Flex & Flow Instructor Isabelle Jennings Pickering




Isabelle is all about encouraging kids to discover movement and dance in a joyful, engaging way. She gets kids moving and grooving through imaginary play and mind-body connection skills that encourages each child's unique creative expression.

Creative Movement

Flex & Flow Instructor Courtney Meidenbauer




Breathe in focus and breathe out clarity. Courtney’s classes encourage you to leave the world behind and tune in to yourself on your mat. She begins her classes with breath and intention to find center, stability and grounding, and then moves you through a sweaty and energizing flow that will challenge your core and our balance! Get ready to relish in the sweat, energy, and relaxation that Courtney brings to each class.

Community Vinyasa

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