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There's a reason everyone falls in love with this workout.

HIIT & Flow is an all-in-one cardio, strength, and flexibility package that gives you a highly effective workout AND recovery with a shorter time commitment to fit your busy schedule.

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"Flex & Flow's HIIT & Flow class is one of the only places on earth I can simultaneously feel like my legs are on fire and have a total blast. I can always count on class being both challenging and fun, and I love that the low-impact cardio and strength-building routine is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Thank you to the instructors for bringing your fierce energy to these classes and helping me leave the studio stronger every time!"


"I came to yoga as a long distance runner who did almost no strength training at all. I could barely do a single push up. HIIT & Flow classes were a much more approachable kind of strength training for me and I feel so much stronger and more balanced than I ever did from going to the gym. I feel less injury prone, stronger, and faster. I also really appreciate the supportive and community oriented environment, it makes me want to work harder and go more often!"


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What to expect in a HIIT & Flow class

A dynamic yoga warmup

We begin class with a power vinyasa-like warmup that gets the whole body heated and ready to move through dynamic flows.

Strength & cardio using gliders* for extra challenge

Using gliders or alternatives like socks/towels, sliding action adds resistance and stability challenges throughout the workout.

Recovery & flexibility focused cool down

Cool down the body with a targeted stretch following the HIIT portion of the workout.

*No gliders? No problem.

Our instructors use gliders to challenge stability and improve mobility through dynamic movements. If you don't have gliders, try using socks on hardwood floors, paper plates on carpet, or modify movements to eliminate sliding.

Check out HIIT instructors Jamie and Nic doing HIIT & Flow on KOIN:
  • What should I bring to class?
    Bring a mat, towel, water bottle, proof of vaccination (if it's your first visit), any props you'd like, and positive attitude! For HIIT & Flow, bring gliders or something to slide on, or you can rent gliders at the studio. Members can use rental gliders and mats free of charge if they forget them.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Wear something that you’ll feel comfortable in—anything that you can move, sweat, and breathe in is great attire for yoga! And if you’re coming in for bootcamp, don’t forget to bring your sneakers!
  • What should I expect in my first class?
    When you arrive at the studio, check in at the front desk. Your instructor will greet you, help with any mat or glider rentals, and show you where to put your shoes and other belongings. You'll see our instructor set up in the corner - with our web cam and fancy lights for virtual classes - and students arrange their mats facing that corner. If you're taking your first HIIT & Flow class, read this student's review!
  • If I'm a new student, how do I sign up for class?
    If you want to sign up for class, get started with our intro special: 2 unlimited weeks for $35.If you have any difficulty signing in for class, shoot us an email: or just come on in 10 minutes before the class you want to take and we’ll take care of you!
  • Is the studio heated?
    Our classes are lightly heated to 80 degrees. It's not "hot yoga", but expect to be nice and warm!
  • Can I rent a mat & towel?
    We do not offer towel rentals, please bring your own! Mat rentals are available for $3 per class for non-members. Members can use rental mats free of charge if they forget a mat.
  • Is there somewhere to change?
    We have a changing area set up in the studio or feel free to use the bathrooms down the hall!
  • Is there somewhere I can leave or store my mat?
    We do not currently offer mat storage. Please bring your mat with you to class and be sure to take it home after class!
  • Do you have showers?
    No, unfortunately we don’t have showers on site but many of our students go from yoga to work or play with a quick bathroom refresh after class!
  • Do you have childcare available?
    Unfortunately we don’t have childcare available on site.
  • Do you have water or beverages available?
    We have a filtered water fountain and we offer refrigerated beverages for sale.
  • Do you have props available to use?
    We have blocks and straps for use during class. These will be located behind the front desk. We do not have blankets or bolsters available, but you're welcome to bring your own.
  • What is the vaccination requirement?
    All yogis and instructors who enter the studio will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. We are currently considering an individual as vaccinated as of two weeks of receipt of their 2nd dose of their COVID-19 vaccine (or only dose if you receive the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccination).
  • Are masks required?
    Members who show acceptable proof of COVID-19 vaccination will not be required to wear a mask unless they choose to do so.
  • I have a medical/religious objection to getting vaccinated. What are my options?
    To request an accommodation for medical reasons, members must provide a doctor’s note. For a religious accommodation, members must provide a written attestation. A doctor's note or religious attestation must be provided to the studio at least 48 hours prior to your class via email or in person. This will only need to be provided one time. Members who request and are granted an accommodation for a medical or religious exemption must wear a mask at all times and present proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within the last 7 days to enter the studio.
  • What types of vaccination proof are accepted?
    Physical vaccination card or another government-provided vaccination record Photo of your vaccination card
  • How do I submit proof of vaccination?
    Please present your proof of vaccination in person when you arrive at your first in-studio class at Flex & Flow. We encourage you to arrive to the studio a few minutes earlier than usual. You will only have to show proof of vaccination once.
  • What information are you storing? Will my vaccination status be shared with anyone?
    We will review your proof of vaccination, but we will not make or store a copy of the proof itself. Instead, we will note in our system that your vaccination status has been verified, which allows us to avoid having to ask you for proof each time you come in for class. We will not share your vaccination status unless we are required by law or court order to do so.
  • Can I show proof of a negative COVID-19 test instead of proof of vaccination?
    No. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is accepted for entry only if you have been granted an accommodation for a medical or religious exemption.
  • What other COVID-19 precautions are in place?
    Hand sanitizing stations are located at the entrance and front desk and we clean after every class . Please help yourself when entering and leaving the studio. Flex & Flow PDX reserves the right to turn away any students with visible signs of illness.
  • I’ve never done yoga. And I’m slightly terrified. What can I expect?
    We’ve all been there. Whatever hesitations you have, throw them aside, grab your mat, and just come to class and trust that you’ll be in good hands. We provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for all levels, all ages, and all bodies. You don’t have to be flexible and you don’t have to have any sort of introduction to yoga to get started – you just have to begin! If you’re brand new, arrive a few minutes early for class, let the instructor know you’re new, and get ready to have some fun. And once class starts, remember, it’s just yoga. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously. Just come ready to breathe, sweat, explore your body and movements, and play. And if you need to sit on your mat and just breathe, that’s perfectly fine – in fact, as long as you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga.
  • Can you suggest classes that are good for beginners?
    We suggest starting with a Flow & Chill class, a Vinyasa Flow class, or a Chill class. Can’t make it to any of those times? Don’t fret! Our Power Vinyasa classes are also suited to all levels.
  • I want to take a livestreaming class. How do I access it?
    When you sign up for any class that offers a livestreaming option, the Zoom link will be sent to the email address associated with the account you used to register. Having trouble finding it? Send us a text 971-251-2612 or email
  • Do I need to keep my camera on?
    Nope! Whether you keep your camera on or off is totally up to you - although it's fun to get to "meet" you through the screen. We do ask that you keep your microphone muted while class is in session though.
  • Can I watch an on demand class without a membership?
    Yes! Visit our on demand library to find the perfect class for you and then purchase it as a single class. Unlimited on demand library access is included in Unlimited, Pay-It-Forward, and Digital Studio memberships.
  • What should I bring to a HIIT & Flow class?
    Bring a mat and something to slide on like gliders, socks, or small towels if you're practicing on wood floors. If you're practicing on carpet, try paper plates.
  • What if I can't do the whole class?
    Modifications are always welcome and we highly encourage you to listen to your body and take breaks when you need. While the workout is meant to be challenging, it's up to you to determine the appropriate level of challenge for yourself during a given class. Nobody will judge you for making the right decision for yourself! Above all, we want you to leave class feeling strong, accomplished, and healthy.
  • I've never done yoga. Can I do HIIT & Flow?
    Definitely! Many of our students started with HIIT & Flow before they ever stepped into a yoga class. Be prepared to move quickly through the power vinyasa warmup, but don't worry if you can't keep up with the poses. It'll feel more and more comfortable the more classes you come to. Remember, this is designed to be a challenge, just take things at your own pace!
  • Where can I learn more about HIIT & Flow?
    We suggest jumping right into class with us. All classes are welcoming, motivating, and filled with modifications and amplifications for all levels.
  • What if I don't have gliders?
    No problem! If you don't have gliders, you can use socks to glide on hardwood floors or paper plates to slide over carpeting. If neither of those options work or you prefer otherwise, you can do all of the movements without sliding. Instructors will offer options throughout class. We also have gliders available to rent in the studio, if you're joining us for in person classes. Purchase your own gliders here.
  • I want to teach HIIT & Flow. How do I get certified?
    That's awesome! You'll need to come to one of our NASM-AFAA certified 35-hr HIIT & Flow teacher trainings. Since the workout creator is our co-founder (Jamie King!), you'll be getting the best training possible! Head over here to learn more about trainings and get notified about the next opening.

Become a HIIT & Flow Instructor

Join us for a virtual training and deepen your practice or gain the skills to get paid to do what you love.

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