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There's a reason everyone falls in love with this workout.

HIIT & Flow is an all-in-one cardio, strength, and flexibility package that gives you a highly effective workout AND recovery with a shorter time commitment to fit your busy schedule.

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"Flex & Flow's HIIT & Flow class is one of the only places on earth I can simultaneously feel like my legs are on fire and have a total blast. I can always count on class being both challenging and fun, and I love that the low-impact cardio and strength-building routine is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Thank you to the instructors for bringing your fierce energy to these classes and helping me leave the studio stronger every time!"


"I came to yoga as a long distance runner who did almost no strength training at all. I could barely do a single push up. HIIT & Flow classes were a much more approachable kind of strength training for me and I feel so much stronger and more balanced than I ever did from going to the gym. I feel less injury prone, stronger, and faster. I also really appreciate the supportive and community oriented environment, it makes me want to work harder and go more often!"


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What to expect in a HIIT & Flow class

A dynamic yoga warmup

We begin class with a power vinyasa-like warmup that gets the whole body heated and ready to move through dynamic flows.

Strength & cardio using gliders* for extra challenge

Using gliders or alternatives like socks/towels, sliding action adds resistance and stability challenges throughout the workout.

Recovery & flexibility focused cool down

Cool down the body with a targeted stretch following the HIIT portion of the workout.

*No gliders? No problem.

Our instructors use gliders to challenge stability and improve mobility through dynamic movements. If you don't have gliders, try using socks on hardwood floors, paper plates on carpet, or modify movements to eliminate sliding.

Check out HIIT instructors Jamie and Nic doing HIIT & Flow on KOIN:

Become a HIIT & Flow Instructor

Join us for a virtual training and deepen your practice or gain the skills to get paid to do what you love.

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