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Flex & Flow Run Club

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Welcome to the Flex & Flow Runners!

This group is the perfect place to find run buddies, either by joining us for our three weekly group runs, or post in the group to coordinate runs outside of these times.

We are open to all paces, distances, and experience levels. Hikers, speedwalkers, walk-joggers, and everyone else are welcome.

Our regular group runs are:

For more support in your training, including custom run workouts, training plans, coaching, and cross training classes, join Run Club Pro or Elite.

Questions about run club? Scroll down for FAQ, or send us a text: (971) 251-2612


When and where do group runs meet?

There are 3 weekly group runs:

How long are group runs? And what pace?

All runs are adjustable to your desired length and pace, and you'll likely find a buddy with a compatible pace. Expect Tuesday quality workouts to range from 2-7 miles. Wednesday and Saturday runs typically last about one hour and range from 3-7 miles.

How do I access the on-demand classes included in my Pro or Elite membership?

You can find all on demand classes here. Make sure you're logged in to take class!

How do I sign up for discounted drop-in classes?

Your membership includes $10 drop-ins for live Flex & Flow classes. Check your email or click this link (make sure you're logged in!) for your super secret discount code.

Where can I find Flex & Flow Run Club tech tees?

We're so glad you asked! You can find limited edition Nathan tech tees here.

About & FAQ

Welcome to the Flex & Flow Runners! This group is the perfe...


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