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Hi Runners -

Happy almost HOKA Trail Run Day - can't wait to see you all out on the trails bright & early tomorrow morning. YEAHHH!

I'm popping in here real quick to say we're still looking for MORE volunteers to come help us out this Sunday.... and I'm hoping some of you will join us.

Every year (for the past 5 (?) years) I've run the Foot Traffic Holiday Half Marathon - it's a super fun, local race that spreads lots of good holiday cheer - and this year, they've invited us to give back to the runners / community.

I'm signed up to run the half again this year and we (Flex & Flow community) also have the opportunity to run the 5K water and cookie station. And I need your HELP (and / or your friends, family's help) to come out and man our table - thanks to Chelsea and Emma for offering to get there early to set up the table and take charge!

And to Ali and Casey for being willing volunteers (and for dragging some roommates out with you ;)).

  • What: We NEED VOLUNTEERS for the Flex & Flow 5K Cookie + Water Station at the Portland Holiday Half

  • When: this Sunday, December 11. You won't see your first runner until 8:30 am but plan to get there early and /or carpool as traffic can be crazy!!!

  • Where: Location is Here (click for google pin) Technically it's a park called McCarthy Park. There's a parking lot there, but you will be positioned just inside the big barricades blocking the parking lot off.

  • Why: Give back to our local running community! Spread holiday cheer. Have fun (passing out cookies and water with friends is a GOOD DAMN TIME!)

If you are able to help, please fill out this form and let me know when you'll be there and mark down whether or not you'd be willing to take charge!

More details below:

  • Flex & Flow Water + Cookie Station Location is Here (click for google pin) Technically it's a park called McCarthy Park. There's a parking lot there, but you will be positioned just inside the big barricades blocking the parking lot off.

  • Here is a link to the 5K route for reference. 5K starts at 8:20-8:30am and you'll see your first runner around 8:30am. Walkers will take their time getting to you.

  • Timeframe: Traffic is intense from 7:00am-8:00am. First runners won't get to your station until 8:30am, but if you try to arrive and set up at 7:30am, you may get walloped by traffic. We need someone to get there EARLIER than 7am and set up our tent and station. I'll give you stickers and lights to set up!

  • We will be providing water as runners come BACK down Channel Ave. Do not try to give out cookies and water on the way out given you will potentially run out and also it could cause a bit of a runner traffic jam. :)

  • The water, cups, tables, cookies, and platters will all be there for you, but our team will be responsible for setting it up.

  • Please make the space as festive as possible! Lights, holiday music playing, costumes, etc... All make it a ton of fun! Runners will hear and see you on their way out on Channel and then on their way back they'll get to visit your station on their way out to the bike path.

  • Carpool as much as possible! If you can find a spot near our location, you are welcome to pull up on the side anywhere and park there. Just make sure you are not inhibiting runner flow given they run out and back on Channel Ave and take a right into the park right next to our spot if you can find space.

  • COOKIES: We will have LOTS of cookies. The system to set them up is pretty simple:

    • Put the cookies out on the silver platters.

    • You'll have to prep a bunch early, but please don't open ALL of them and only open as many as you need to prevent opened and unused cookies.

    • Separate the cookie tables a bit away from the water to make it a little easier for people to navigate. Again, only on the way back should they be available!

    • Water and electrolyte will be there. Nuun is easy to mix with the water and mixes itself. We'll have jugs of water and you can do about 6-8 tabs per gallon. Don't make it too strong. Separate nuun and water so people know.

    • You'll have a rake and garbage cans. Please crush the cups in the bags to save space and use less bags!

    • Contact: I'll give all who sign up to volunteer contact info for day of needs from Foot Traffic team + put you all on a thread / group so you can coordinate carpools and what not.

Thanks in advance everyone! I'm hoping this will be a great way to give back a little cheer this holiday season - or participate in some days of giving if you've been interested in doing that with Colby and I ;).


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