Try energizing, core-burning power vinyasa classes, our signature HIIT & Flow workout, or tap into your meditative disconnect for $0. No strings (or credit cards) attached.

"The best yoga studio in Portland and the world. It's so unique to find a yoga studio that actually creates a real community- where you not just know people's names, but you make real friends. Also, the classes are so good - you always get just what you need."

- Madison

"Your yoga classes & community have made such a positive impact on me, particularly during this pandemic. The classes are so energizing, fun, and important for wellbeing. You definitely represent the best of the best. I don't know if there are awards for great yoga instructors, but you deserve the Academy Award, the Grammy, or perhaps most appropriately the Nobel Prize in yoga.

- JuliAnn

This studio has been life-changing for me. The instructors always bring incredible energy to their classes and creative powerful flows that stretch you out and get you sweating. On top of all that you gain the most supportive community and your biggest cheerleaders. Whether you love power flows and HIIT or some chill stretchy classes, Flex & Flow has it all.

- Olivia