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5 reasons to do HIIT teacher training—even if you don't want to teach

"But I don't want to teach."

That's the most common hesitation we hear when we talk to our community about HIIT & Flow teacher training.

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We LOVE hearing that objection because it gives us a chance to pull out all the receipts we've collected from past trainees who also didn't want to teach, and, spoiler alert: LOVED the program.

"Oh, really," we'll say, casually fanning our (sweaty) faces with all the rave testimonials we've collected over the years, "let us tell you about all the reasons besides teaching that people love this program.



The truth is, our trainees are a diverse set. A typical cohort includes yoga instructors, group ex instructors, HIIT & Flow regulars, and people who have never even taken a HIIT & Flow class before.


If you've never taken a HIIT & Flow class before, try one for free, here.


Their backgrounds are varied but what they do have in common is to be part of a community that fuels and inspires their personal growth.

We rounded up the top 5 reasons our trainees have gone on this journey with us—and yes, we're bringing the receipts. If you've been in class at Flex & Flow, you may even see a few familiar names sharing their takeaways below. ;)


1. HIIT teacher training builds your strength

This one may seem obvious, but, hey, getting stronger is the whole point of HIIT & Flow, and going through a teacher training will get you stronger in ways you didn't even realize were possible.

Even if you're a HIIT & Flow regular, you'll feel your power and your strength growing over the 6 weeks of the training. Take it from Olivia:

These past two months have been some of the most inspiring and energizing that I have ever experienced. I am so proud of myself for pushing mentally and physically to complete this training. - Olivia T.

Having the opportunity to get intimately familiar with the workout, practice it, and then practice teaching it, gives you ways to build your strength in ways you can't get from "just" taking classes.

Of course, there is no "just" when it comes to taking a HIIT & Flow class. But deepening your knowledge about the movements, anatomy, and the WHY behind the format supercharges your own practice, meaning you work smarter, work harder—and, mostly likely, work more consistently.

Don't be surprised when, at around week 4 of the training, you notice a huge difference in your strength and endurance.


Here's how Alyse used HIIT & Flow teacher training as a launchpad to start training for a Grand Canyon backpacking trip.


2. HIIT teacher training pushes your edge

One thing that really connects the Flex & Flow community is their shared desire to always seek out new ways to grow and learn.

HIIT & Flow teacher training is a chance to really push your edge in a way you may not have done before—and to model that kind of growth and challenge for others.

By taking and completing the HIIT & Flow teacher training, I know I will inspire others to do the same. To step outside their comfort zones, to attempt something new, to reach for a goal no matter their age or stage. Life is meant to be lived. If we don’t take anything more it is this....Keep learning, keep reaching keep growing. -Kathy R.

Kathy always inspires us, and we couldn't agree with her more: growth and success seem to always happen when we step out of our comfort zone and take a leap. HIIT & Flow teacher training is one powerful way to push your edge, step out of your comfort zone, and embark on an experience that will change you.


I have grown as an individual, learned so much, and now carry with me a new set of tools. As someone that has never identified as being a “fitness guru,” I am proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and taking this leap of faith - Ali C.


3. Gain confidence and feel successful in HIIT teacher training

Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, of course, but HIIT & Flow teacher training might be the most, ahem, comfortable way to do it. The guidance and feedback you get is supportive and constructive, and helps you gain confidence and feel successful as you're learning new material.

Jamie and Nicci are queens of the constructive feedback sandwich - where every piece of critical feedback is accompanied by at least two more ways that the trainee truly succeeded. - Ruby

Throughout the training, you'll get private, 1:1 feedback on your work. This kind of personalized attention and feedback—delivered with empathy and designed to help you grow and be successful—is such a gift, and so rare in a virtual training. Having that focused attention builds confidence and power in ways that will change your perspective on what you're capable of.

I’ve always been a student, and never thought that I, too, might be able to teach one day. Jamie, Nicci, and everyone else in the teacher training program gave me that confidence, and for that I am so grateful. -Natalie W.


4. HIIT teacher training connects you with community

The thoughtful, empowering feedback you'll get in HIIT & Flow teacher training all ties back to Flex & Flow's number one why:


Possibly our favorite benefit of this training (and we had to *really* narrow down our selection of receipts here) is the community that you'll build and cultivate through this training. Don't take it from us, though:

As for the power of community, where do I even begin? I have not met a single one of these other students in the class in person, let alone attended an in-person class ever, and yet I felt so at home with these new friends. I looked forward to every Monday evening Zoom session, and was always inspired by the energy, experience, voices and sheer humility that each one brought to the group. Whether they were already fitness instructors or perhaps H+F veterans for years, everyone was so welcoming, kind and uplifting. I believe that community can truly make the difference in someone’s fitness journey, through shared accountability, encouragement, and positivity. -Natalie Wong


I strongly believe that the welcoming and supportive community made this training what it was — amazing.  -Ali C.


We all need community more than ever, and we all need support and connection in ways that build us up and empower us to show up stronger and more confident. HIIT & Flow teacher training is one proven, powerful way to get connected with a supportive community that lifts you up.



5. HIIT teacher training helps you be a better instructor in any format

Of course, if you do want to teach, this training will give you new tools and insights for teaching not just HIIT & Flow, but any format you bring to clients and students.

As an experienced instructor, I thought maybe I would learn the moves and make some friends, but I never expected it to open my eyes to a new way to teach, for it to give me the confidence to teach a new format, and for it to give me the opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to my cuing and sequencing. -Jenny Maier

In other words—it's all about gaining new skills, exposing yourself to new ideas, and committing to growth.

If you're ready to commit to some personal growth (that can be done from the comfort of your own home!), sign up for HIIT & Flow teacher training here.

Even if you're not sure you want to teach. ;)


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