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How to prevent family drama over the holidays

Seeing family over the holidays is a combination of excitement and anxiety. After *all of this* we’re all craving intimacy and familiarity … while also dreading the divisive topics that might come up while we’re together.

To avoid getting into arguments about [insert polemic of choice here] around the holiday table, try these preventive strategies to help ease tensions and get everyone connecting around positive activities.


Show up as centered as you can

Easier said than done, we know. But coming into the holidays with a spirit of openness and generosity will help lay the foundation for a harmonious time with family.

We believe the best medicine for showing up as our best selves is to prioritize a regular movement practice.

Over the holidays, it’s easy to let that critical self-care time slip. There’s just so many competing demands on your time and your energy. The busy-ness of the season is exactly why we always do a movement challenge over the holidays; it’s a boost of accountability during a season when we most need to take care of ourselves, but are most likely to drop the ball.


Try a HIIT & Flow class to really burn off steam.


Have an excuse to remove yourself

Back when I was breastfeeding, I loved having this excuse to remove myself to a quiet room. Even though I’d proudly whip out a boob in public any ol’ time, I certainly reclaimed some false modesty around family in order to give myself a little solitary time.

I don’t have that excuse anymore—so I’ve instead adopted fitness as my reason for escape. Having to do my daily 30 minutes for 30 for 30 (our 30-day fitness challenge) is going to be my go-to excuse for stepping away from the fray.

Some days, I might just double up on those workouts…


Try this one minute breathing exercise to reduce tension while you’re hiding from your family, or these power yoga poses to come back to them with confidence.


Move with, instead of against, your family

Getting everyone’s blood moving is a proven way to lower tension and anxiety, and to introduce some levity and endorphins to your interactions.

Get everyone outside for a family-friendly bootcamp, or get moving with an all-levels yoga class.

Pro tip: getting the youngest members of the family involved is a perfect way to make everyone smile and enjoy themselves. No one can resist smiling at a very cute little yogi. These Little Yogis classes are designed for kids to do with their favorite grown-ups.


Schedule opportunities to connect with your chosen family

Our chosen community or family is the ultimate palate cleanser for actual family, and having opportunities to regularly connect with them can help you decompress.

Just like you schedule your workouts, schedule community times so you’re prepared.

Or better yet: double down on scheduling workouts and community connection by planning your class schedule.


Give yourself a break

Family is hard. It just is. If things don’t go as hoped, don’t beat yourself up. Know that you showed up as well as you possibly could.

If you need to lay it all down somewhere, come join us for class and leave all that drama on the mat.

These classes help you burn off steam.

How are you preparing for family time this holiday season? And how are you planning to make time to take care of yourself? 




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