Free 30 Minute Flex & Flow Workouts

No matter what kind of movement you're craving, one of these free 30 minute workouts is sure to scratch that itch.

Pick the movement that feels right for you, right now:

  • A 25-minute charged up yoga flow designed to help you move into your day with more energy
  • A 25-minute high energy, full body HIIT & Flow class
  • A 25-minute vinyasa class focused on opening up hips and shoulders to unwind tight spots and make your body feel open and loose


Charged up Yoga Flow (25 min)

To renenergize midday and get an extra boost of energy, pop into this 25 minute charged up yoga flow with Jamie. You'll be energized without getting too sweaty—making it a perfect midday break. 



Full Body HIIT & Flow Workout (25 min)

This free HIIT & Flow circuit is the perfect way to fit in a full body strength & cardio session even when you're short on time.

Score your own set of gliders here, or use one of these glider alternatives to complete this workout.



Shoulder & Hips Vinyasa (25 min)

To open up areas that often get tight, try this 25-minute vinyasa flow that focuses on shoulders and hips:



After you try one of these free 30-minute workouts, join us for a live class and experience the added bonus of a supportive community to sweat alongside.

Your first live class at Flex & Flow—either in our Portland, OR studio, or online—is free with code FREECLASS. 


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