Free 15 minute HIIT & Flow Workouts

We here at Flex & Flow are a fan of movement of any kind, for any duration. We love hours spent on a trail; we love sprinting to catch the bus.

In our book, moving our bodies in any way, for any amount of time, is an unequivocal good.

That's why we love having go-to movement classes at varying lengths so that no matter how much time we have (or don't) we can quickly find an option that will work for our today body and our today schedule.

We're rounding up some of our favorite 15-minute movement options here—but be sure to also check out these free 1-minute fitness snacks for days when your schedule is truly jam-packed.

All of these workouts are 100% free. We'll also suggest some longer classes for you to try—and if you're new to Flex & Flow, you can try any one of them for free with the code FREECLASS.


Equipment you'll need for these free 15 minute workouts

None! You can do all of these workouts with just your body and some floor space. That said, if you have the following available, you may appreciate:

  • Gliders. We our signature, supremely packable, travel-ready gliders to amp up the challenge in our HIIT & Flow workouts (our custom workout that combines yoga + high intensity interval training). If you don't have gliders, you can always: jump or step instead of slide; slide with socks on carpet, or improvise with paper plates or other items you have handy.
  • Yoga mat. This is purely for some extra cushion between you and the floor. Our favorite mats are by Yoga Hustle.


15 Minute HIIT & Flow Upper Body (and cardio, and core) workout

This HIIT & Flow workout with Nic is all about arms, but, as with any HIIT & Flow class, you'll get a healthy dose of cardio and core, too.


For a longer version that also targets the upper body, try this full-length class with Nic


15 Minute Glutes & Legs HIIT & Flow Workout

We know we sound like a broken record here, but you should also expect some cardio conditioning in this 15-minute quickie with Ruby that targets the lower body.


Next up: try this 45-minute glutes-focused HIIT & Flow class.


15 Minute HIIT & Flow Core & Abs Workout

Here we go: finally, a 15-minute class focused on the core. You know what we're about to say next: you'll also be working your heart, lungs, and major muscle groups along with your core.

Plus, as is always the case when you're moving on gliders, you'll also be conditioning and strengthening the often overlooked but oh-so-important stabilizer muscles that help prevent injury.


When you're ready for more core with Nic, try this 45-minute HIIT & Flow Core class.


We can't wait to hear how these classes make you feel!



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