Camping at The Getaway

The Getaway is an adventure retreat weekend on the beautiful Southern California coast. For three sunny January days, we'll trail run or hike, do yoga, camp, and play in the great outdoors. 

The Getaway happens January 27-30, and is open to all paces, abilities, and camping experience levels.


Camping at The Getaway

The Getaway is a camping adventure retreat! Yes, that means we'll be sleeping in tents. 

If you're new to the world of camping, we're so delighted that you're trying new things and that we get to be a part of it!

This post includes all sorts of information for first-time or out of practice campers—but before we get into the weeds, know this:

There is zero judgment at The Getaway. Every single person there is excited to see you succeed and enjoy camping, and will happily pitch in to make your first experience a joyful, stress free one.

Okay, now onto the details. :)


The Getaway is a perfect first-camping experience 

Let us count the ways...

  1. It's car camping. That means you park right by your tent, making for easy loading and unloading, and the only limitation on how much you bring is the space in your car.
  2. There are hot showers and flush toilets. You'll be getting out of your comfort zone, but you'll still have some really lovely creature comforts.
  3. We're providing all the meals. Figuring out food can be one of the trickiest parts of camping. We've got that covered for you - along with fun snacks to sample. (Of course, bring your favorite snacks to keep fueled for the long weekend!)
  4. You'll be in a friendly group. You'll have 49 friends for support, camaraderie, and advice. When you hear rustling at night, it's definitely on of these friends, not an unknown woodland creature.
  5. The weather will be just right. Los Angeles in January is the picture of pleasantness (average high: 68; average low: 54). You won't be too hot or too cold.


The camping gear you actually need

Getting into camping can be very overwhelming. There are SO many choices, many of which read like a different language for the uninitiated. 

We'll list and demystify the gear you *actually* need for this experience.

  1. A tent that holds as many people as are in your sleeping group. For bonus comfort, get a tent that is one person bigger than your group—for example, if it's just you, a two person tent will be nice and spacious. If you're coming in a twosome, a three person tent will give you extra breathing room and storage space.
  2. A sleeping bag. For this weather, aim for one that is rated down to 30-40 degrees.
  3. A sleeping pad. For extra cushion and warmth. For this trip, pretty much any sleeping pad you can get your hands on will do. If you're looking to acquire one, you can't go wrong with any of the sleeping pads on this list

That's it. Those three items are literally all you need to successfully camp at The Getaway. To recap, you need:

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Sleeping pad


Where to get your camping gear

  • Borrow from a friend—ask for those three items, plus anything your camp-experienced friend loves to have with them (most people will be excited to share their must-have gear with you).
  • Rent from an REI store
  • Add on our glamping package and we'll take care of bringing, setting up, and breaking down your gear.


Pack like a pro

Those three things are the only camping-specific gear you need. For ultimate comfort and enjoyment while car camping, here's what we recommend packing:

  • Camp shoes: usually a pair of outdoor slippers or slip-ons (Crocs or similar clogs are great too!), but any shoes work as long as they are easy to take on and off, and you don't mind them getting dirty. We like to leave our camp shoes right outside the tent for easy trips to the bathroom, the campfire, etc.
  • Camp chair: a folding chair, camping chair, stadium seat, inflatable cushion—anything you can rest your butt on and that can sit in the dirt.
  • Cozy warm clothes for cooler evenings. Bring your beanie, your gloves, your sweats, a great pair of socks, or even a big blanket to wrap yourself in. There's nothing better than being cozily bundled up under the stars or by a campfire.
  • Headlamp. So much easier than holding a flashlight! Of course, if you don't have a headlamp, flashlights work, too.
  • Face or body wipes. It's really nice to just wipe down your face, feet, or hands before getting into your sleeping bag (yes, even with showers available!).
  • Extra plastic bags. Ziplocs, trash bags, repurposed shopping bags—they just all come in handy while camping.
  • Portable battery pack. Remember, no outlets! Or better yet, unplug. 
  • Games to share. Card games, frisbees, hula hoops... anything you enjoy doing that is analog is welcome and makes camping so much fun.
  • Sleeping pills. Sometimes getting to sleep in a tent is hard work. If you're worried about being able to sleep, bring a sleep aid that works for you. Of course, this is not medical advice!
  • Cooler with adult beverages. A beer or a flask just tastes better outside by a campfire.


Camping at The Getaway is really the perfect way to introduce yourself to the wide and wonderful world of camping. You'll have so much support, and you'll get to start learning what you do and don't need to be comfortable sleeping in a tent.

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