3 workouts to blow off steam

3 classes to blow off steam

Sometimes you just need to let it all out, whether by venting, primal screaming, or pushing yourself to the next level of intensity.

We're here for anything that (safely) lets you release stress, anger, irritation, or any other feelings you're experiencing, and we're here to offer three classes that we rely on when we're feeling overwhelmed and rageful.

Got some big feelings about family over the holiday season? We get it. Try one of these strategies for preventing family drama.

Try one of these options and leave it all on the mat.


20-minute HIIT & Flow PLUS with Nicci (20 min)

Just trust us: when you know you just want to go hard, go hard with a HIIT & Flow class with Nic.


Funky Forearm Flow with Liz (60 min)

This hour-long power flow focuses on all the forearm variations with a side of hamstring and hip stretches. Flip your perspective and feel the fire with dolphin, funky forearm stand, one-legged crow, and more.


HIIT & Flow Express with De (30 min)

This 30-minute HIIT & Flow class with De builds up to a powerful peak. It's a powerful way to release some energy and gain strength and endurance for the rest of your day.


Ready to blow off some steam? Let's HIIT it.



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