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Run your fastest, strongest 5K race with our expert-designed 5K training plans!
5K race training plan

Download the free 5K race training and supplement with your own yoga and cross-training classes, or upgrade to get the full program including step-by-step guidance, on demand yoga and cross-training classes, tips & advice from our run coaches, and more.

What to expect in a 5K training

8 weeks to your strongest race yet (even if you're starting from the couch)


A mix of easy, tempo, and long runs to develop strength and endurance in 8 weeks.



Yoga, HIIT, and recovery to support your 5K training.



Pacing, mental game, snacks, and what to always bring on a run- Jamie's tips are an essential part of your 5K training.

About this 5K plan

Ultra runner Jamie King created this 5K training plan to support you in running your strongest race in just 8 weeks. Over 8 weeks, you'll run 3-4 days per week, cross-train and recover 2-3 days, and learn directly from Jamie how to prepare your body and mind for your 5K. If you're new or returning to running, don't worry—this 8 week 5K training plan is appropriate for beginners!

What's included?

Weekly running plan for a 5K race
Run workouts
Cross-training workouts
Recovery yoga classes
5K training plan in 8 weeks
Advice and tips from ultra runner Jamie King

Let's RUN!

Hey you - yeah you!


You're about to do a big thing.


We're tackling a 5K training in 8 weeks and that might seem like a lot right now, but here's the thing:


We're doing it TOGETHER. Every step of the way, your community is going to be right alongside you.


That's how I KNOW you've got this.


Turn up the music, lace up your shoes, and let's take the 5K - and all 8 weeks of training - by storm.


I'll see you at the start line.

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