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30 FOR 30 is an at home 30-day fitness challenge from Flex & Flow that helps you get stronger, commit to daily movement, and connect with a community of like-minded people.

This all happens from your living room in just 30 minutes a day, so you can start 2022 feeling better than ever.


Gain strength and stay accountable with a supportive community cheering you on from Thanksgiving to Christmas.


With our signature HIIT & Flow workouts, you get a high impact class with a low time commitment - and dedicated yoga recovery days to stretch it out.


Connect with our global community and join the 30 day challenge via live-stream, on demand, or even at our Portland, Oregon studio.

What's included?

  • 30 day all levels workout plan curated by our expert instructors
  • Daily 30 minute HIIT workouts to fit your busy schedule, with weekend bootcamp and yoga sessions
  • Options to join classes via live stream, on demand, or at our flagship Portland, Oregon studio
  • Accountability, support, and motivation from our community to help you find success during this at home workout challenge 
  • Opportunity to win prizes including a Garmin watch, free registration to our next retreat, and more! 
  • If you're one of the first 50 people to sign up, we'll send you a pair of HIIT & Flow Gliders for FREE along with some special gifts from our partners!
  • Optional: level up your experience with a personalized nutrition plan from Grace Functional Nutrition

What to expect

Most of our 30-minute classes will be HIIT & Flow, the workout created by our co-founder Jamie King that combines high-intensity interval training with yoga. We'll also have dedicated rest days with yoga classes to stretch out and cool down built into the program.

Want to see what the HIIT & Flow hype is all about?


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30 for 30 FAQs


Who is this at 30 day fitness challenge for?

This program is for you if you're ready to get stronger, feel healthier, and develop or maintain a regular workout routine, and want accountability and a support system to help you keep going.


Am I strong enough to do a 30 day fitness challenge?

The 30 for 30 program is designed for all levels, so you'll always have options to fire things up or take it down a notch to meet you where you're at.


What equipment do I need to complete an at home workout challenge?

We recommend having a yoga mat, a water bottle, and comfortable clothes for classes. If you're one of the first 100 people to register, we'll send you a pair of gliders for HIIT & Flow classes, but you can always use socks, paper plates, or towels to slide on instead.


Don't let your resolutions wait until the new year - get empowered by your community and START the year feeling strong!


🎉 BONUS! The first 50 people who register for 30 for 30 will get:

30 for 30


30 day fitness challenge

  • 30 day all levels workout plan
  • 30 minute workouts every day including HIIT, yoga, and bodyweight bootcamp
  • Motivation and support from the Flex & Flow team and our community
  • Bonus workshops on fitness, nutrition, self care, and more
  • Gifts and prizes from our partners!